October 21, 2020

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  • None.

Membership Anniversaries:

  • Marjorie Stachler – Mbr. Since 2006
  • Larry Goins – Mbr. Since 2008
  • Lori Vian – Mbr. Since 2018.

Kiwanis One Day – October 24th.

Our club’s project for the One Day project will be the collection and delivery of diaper/childcare products for the C.A.L.L. Food Pantry.

Fundraising ethics: Follow these 10 principles.

We received the following message from the Kiwanis Childrens Fund:

Thank you for your 2019-20 club gift to the Kiwanis Children’ Fund. With your club’s support, kids received critical items such as masks, hand sanitizer and food – and tools to help them learn from home, such as laptops, internet access and educational materials. In addition to helping your club serve kids worldwide, I hope you know that our staff can be a resource for your club as well.

As your development officer, I am available to: 

  • Present to your club about the Kiwanis causes, fundraising, grant-making and more. 
  • Help develop a plan to boost your club’s fundraising efforts or modify your existing plan.
  • Offer advice on establishing and managing a club foundation. 
  • Answer questions about Children’s Fund grant programs.
  • Provide guidance in seeking grant opportunities outside of Kiwanis. 

I appreciate the work you do as a Kiwanis leader. I know your concern for children doesn’t end at your community’s boundaries. So, on behalf of the kids you’ve served who are a world away-thank you. 

Please let me know how the Children’s Fund can support you and your club. 

In service,  Patrick Hall


Members Present: Karen Perts, Amy Broering, Karen Cisco, Linda Goodwin, Lori Vian, Jenny Jamison, Susanne Murlin, Marjorie Stachler, Megan Smith, Rita Schmit, and Dale Hart.

Guest: Pat Reigle.

Club President Karen Perts opened the meeting in the traditional manner. Happy Sad Dollars were collected.

We have a new member: Pat Reigle ( Karen Cisco’s sister). Welcome aboard Pat.

The club decided to make a $100 donation to the coat drive.

The club is looking for storage space for the coolers and other equipment we use for our Burger stand during the Lake Fest. This equipment was previously stored by Larry Goins.

Dale gave information about suppliers and prices for pork chop or chicken dinners for a fundraiser.

We also received these thank you notes.

Kiwanis Education.

14. The 1924 convention in Denver, Colorado, became known as the “Constitutional Convention.” In the process of finalizing a complete International Constitution and Bylaws, Kiwanis officially adopted the name Kiwanis International and the six permanent Objects.

Thought for today.

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

Vince Lombardi