Committee members’ terms shall be for 1 year each, October 1 – September 30. It is recommended that no person serve more than three (3) consecutive terms. The only committee required by the Kiwanis International Standard Form for Club Bylaws is an annual financial review committee, unless the club hires a qualified accounting firm to conduct its annual financial examination.

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Committee Chair Handbook.

General Duties of Committee Chairs

Risk Management

Club Committees

Club Safety Coordinator


Public Relations Committee

  • Media (Daily Standard, Mercer County Outlook) – Amy Broering,
  • Web-siteKelly Westgerdes,
  • Facebook – Karen Perts,
  • Newsletter – Rosemary Jefferson,

Programs Committee

Community Service & Fundraising Committee

Community Service

  • Library: Amy Broering
  • Winter Warmth Day: Linda May & Lori (Co-Chairs)
  • Healthy Kids: Hans Rehrmann
  • Mr. Potato Head: Unassigned
  • Lakefront Park Playground: Dale Hart (Chair)


  • Gas Cards – Rita Schmit
  • Lake Fest: Dale Hart, Brad Brookhart
  • Pancake Breakfast/Reindog: Amy Broering, Yvette Fuelling
  • Scholarship: Linda May (Chair), Linda Goodwin, Suzanne Murlin.
  • 50/50 Drawings: Linda Goodwin (Chair)

Service Leadership Programs Committee


Financial Review Committee (optional)

  • Budget: Rita Schmit
  • IRS Forms: Rita Schmit

The club’s financial records will be examined annually by either (a) a qualified accounting firm; or (b) a standing financial review committee, as provided in club policy. The club’s accounting records will be available for inspection by the accounting firm or the committee and, upon request, by the president or board. A written report of the annual financial examination shall be submitted to the board. (Bylaws Article 8.3.)